P03-B-A - Professional bodies



Date Range1927 - 1951
Quantity4 folders
ProvenanceRickman, John (1891-1951) Quaker physician and psychoanalyst

Level of description: Sub-series
Language of materials: English

Papers related to Rickman's activities within the British Psychoanalytical Society and British Psychological Society.

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CGA/F30, CHA/F13, CRR/F14, CRR/F22, CSB/F16

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P03-B  Professional activities 1927 - 1951

Inventory Listing

P03-B-A-01 British Psychoanalytical Society/Institute of Psychoanalysis

Level of description: File
Language of materials: English

A discussion of lay therapy (1927); the London Clinic of Psychoanalysis, particularly wartime emergency organisation (1938-1939 & nd); opening remarks for a discussion of Alice Balint's paper, 'Altruism, aggression and the reality sense' (1939); Child Welfare Committee (1943-c 1944); the Controversial Discussions, particularly training issues (1943-1945); other training issues in the 1940s, including submissions by the Institute of Psychoanalysis to the Inter-Departmental Committee on Medical Schools and drafts of the standing rules of the Training Committee; changes to the Articles and Bylaws of Institute of Psychoanalysis and a proposed register of psychoanalysts (1946); memoranda on publication and editorial policy (1946) and the use of the words psychoanalytical/psychoanalytic and psycho-analysis/psychoanalysis (1949) and lists of psychoanalytic publications; opening remarks for Fieldlander's [Friedlander?] paper on combined research (1947); draft memoranda to request funding from the Rockefeller Foundation to improve facilities at the Institute of Psychoanalysis (1950); Rickman's chairman's report to the AGM (1950) and a letter from Rickman refusing nominations to the Board and the Training Committee (1951).

See also item P03-D-03, which contains cuttings and notices related to the British Psychoanalytical Society/Institute of Psychoanalysis.

Creator Rickman, John (1891-1951) Quaker physician and psychoanalyst
Date range 1927 - 1951    Quantity 3 folders
Inventory Identifier P03-B-A-01 Box Number 244 Series P03-B-A
P03-B-A-02 British Psychological Society

Level of description: File
Language of materials: English

Annotated carbon copies of two items: draft standing rules of the Medical Section (two copies) and an item entitled 'Note attached to the Memorandum on the Qualifications for Associateship and Fellowship in the case of members engaged in Medical Psychology' (one copy and one partial copy).

Creator Rickman, John (1891-1951) Quaker physician and psychoanalyst
Date range c. 1945 - 1948    Quantity 1 folder
Inventory Identifier P03-B-A-02 Box Number 244 Series P03-B-A

Published by the Archives of the British Psychoanalytical Society,
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