P03-C - Correspondence files



Date Range1920 - 1951
ProvenanceRickman, John (1891-1951) Quaker physician and psychoanalyst

Level of description: Series
Language of materials: English, Hungarian, German

Correspondence, mostly professional in nature. Where possible, the subject arrangement used by Rickman has been retained, although some additional work has been carried out to restore date order. These files are arranged chronologically (P03-C-A). However, some correspondence has previously been removed from the original order and this material has been arranged as a separate sub-series, arranged alphabetically by correspondent (P03-C-B). The majority of this correspondence is related to Rickman's military service during the Second World War.

See also P03-A-E for correspondence related to Rickman's publications.

Previous codes

CAA/F01, CCA/F01, CFD/F30, CGA/F35, CHA/F07, CHA/F18, CHA/F22, CHA/F29, CHB/F11, CKA/F23, CLA/F13, CRA/F14, CRR/F01-F08, CRR/F12, CRR/F14-F22, CSB/F19, CWA/F17

ArrangedTwo sub-series, as described above
Related Series
Sub Series

P03-C-A  Name and subject files 1920 - 1951

P03-C-B  Alphabetical files 1927 - 1951

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