P04-B - Professional papers and notebooks



Date Range1907 - 1951
Quantity2 boxes
ProvenanceJones, Alfred Ernest (1879-1958) neurologist and psychoanalyst

Level of description: Series
Language of materials: English, German

Notebooks containing bibliographic indexes; correspondence and other papers regarding the IPA and IPA Congresses; and miscellaneous papers concerning psychological education, Edith Jacobson, Sigmund Freud Copyrights Ltd and the Sigmund Freud Archives, Inc.

Previous codes

G01/BE, G07/BC, G07/BF, G07/BL, G10/BG, G13/BA, G13/BG, G13/BL

ArrangedThree sub-series
Related Series
Sub Series

P04-B-A  Bibliographic notebooks 1907 -

P04-B-B  IPA papers c. 1910 - 1951

P04-B-C  Miscellaneous papers 1933 - 1951

Published by the Archives of the British Psychoanalytical Society,
With support from The Wellcome Trust
Listed by Allie Dillon & Andy Blake
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Updated 8 April 2008

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