XP08A - Glover, Edward George (1888-1972) psychoanalyst

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Edward Glover was born on 13 Jan 1888 in Lesmahagow, Scotland. He began his medical career specialising in tubercular medicine, before his older brother James introduced him to psychoanalysis. Both brothers went to Berlin in 1920 to be analysed by Karl Abraham; Edward Glover became an associate member of the British Psychoanalytical Society in 1921 and a full member in 1922. When his brother died in 1926, Edward Glover took over many of his roles within the Society and by 1940 he was a member of all the main committees of the Society and the Institute of Psychoanalysis. Originally a supporter of Melanie Klein, he became one of her opponents during the Society's Controversial Discussions in the 1940s and subsequently resigned from the Society in 1944. Following this, he was granted honorary membership of the American and Swiss psychoanalytic societies. He died on 16 Aug 1972.

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