P17-B - Other Editions of the Works of Sigmund Freud



Date Range1895 - c. 1973 (1895; 1935-c1973)
Quantity12.5 boxes
ProvenanceJames Beaumont Strachey (1887-1967) and Alix Strachey (1892-1973) née Sargant-Florence, psychoanalysts and translators

Level of description: Series
Language of materials: English, German

Materials relating to the publication of editions of works by Freud translated and/or edited by James and Alix Strachey, other than the Standard Edition.

See also P17-F-A and P17-F-B, which contain professional and legal correspondence related to the Stracheys' publications.

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ArrangedSeven sub-series by type, then by volume number or title where possible.
Related Series
Sub Series

P17-B-A  Facsimiles of Original Works by Freud 1895 - c. 1955

P17-B-B  Hogarth Press/Institute of Psychoanalysis: Proof Copies 1935 - 1963

P17-B-C  Hogarth Press/Institute of Psychoanalysis: Published Editions 1940 - 1950

P17-B-D  Other Publishers: Proof Copies 1949 - c. 1972

P17-B-E  Imago: Published Editions 1940 - 1952

P17-B-F  Notes c. 1950 - c. 1973

P17-B-G  Newspaper Cuttings and Promotional Materials c. 1940 - c. 1962

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