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Three Short Films on Psychoanalysis

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What is Psychoanalysis?
British Psychoanalysis Yesterday and Today
Training to be a Psychoanalyst

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Three Short Films On Psychoanalysis
Encounters Through Generations (long version)
Meeting Ron Britton
Iago On The Couch
Encounters Through Generations (long version)
Three Short Films On Psychoanalysis

Three Short Films on Psychoanalysis; Encounters through the Generations; Meeting Anne-Marie Sandler; Meeting Betty Joseph; Meeting Hanna Segal; Meeting Ron Britton

Encounters Dennis Duncan
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*ALL NEW*Meeting Dennis Duncan

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Encounters Dennis Duncan

The films on these pages are part of an ongoing film project. This was started in 2007 by the Student Organisation of the British Institute of Psychoanalysis (SOBIPA), with the aim of filming eminent psychoanalysts talking about their work and life with new generations of students and psychoanalysts. In 2008 an Audiovisual project group was also formed by members and candidates of  the Institute of Psychoanalysis. Funding generously granted from the International Psychoanalytical Association will help to develop the quality of the materials produced, and will include the production and restoration of audiovisual material on various clinical and theoretical topics related to psychoanalysis, as well as its training. This page will be updated as new films become available.

The psychoanalysts represented are of course giving their own views. Our members have many shared and overlapping beliefs and conceptual frameworks for describing the mind (and psychoanalysis), but of course these are complex topics capable of being conceptualised and seen in a variety of ways. Each person speaks for himself.

Members of the AudioVisual Project include:

María Elena de Losada
Natasha Harvey
Fátima Martínez del Solar (Chair)
Christine Miqueu-Baz
Kannan Navaratnem
Anne Patterson
Giovanni Polizzi
Anne Ward


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