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This new course is aimed at those who seek a deeper knowledge of psychoanalytic ideas and their application to clinical work. It will be of particular interest to people who may wish to pursue a future training in psychoanalysis.

Entry to the course is open to all postgraduate professionals — those working in the field of mental health (psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, social workers and teachers) and other professionals, as well as recently qualified graduates, who are thinking about a career in psychoanalysis, but who have not yet had any clinical experience.

Whilst The Introductory Lectures series precedes the Foundation Course, it is not necessary to have attended The Introductory Lectures before participating in this course.

The course will normally take place on Thursday evenings between 7.45pm and 10.15 pm throughout the academic year and will offer theoretical seminars (75 minutes) followed by clinical work discussion seminars (75 minutes). Help in finding a suitable honorary placement may be offered to those participants who have had no prior experience in the field of mental health.

From 2011, an optional pathway will enable students accepted for the Foundation Course and for EITHER the MA Psychoanalytic Studies at Birkbeck College OR the MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytical Studies at UCL to have their work on the Foundation Course accredited as part of the degree programme. For further details, please contact Prof. Mary Target ( or Prof. Daniel Pick ( Inquiries about applying for the Foundation Course should continue to be addressed to the Institute of Psychoanalysis:

The course fees for the foundation course are £1350 for the academic year. £50 is the application fee. This can be paid online at:

Please do pay the application fee prior to sending your application (please note that no application forms will be processed until we have received the application fee). The rest of the course fee (£1300) can be paid in two instalments. The first instalment of £800 is due before the course starts and the last instalment of £500 is due in December. Please note that the first instalment cannot be refunded under any circumstances. The Foundation Course is a year-long commitment. Even if a student decides to stop halfway through they will still need to pay the remaining fees.

Personal psychoanalysis is not required. Foundation course students receive Pep Web, the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing Website (


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Theoretical Seminars


The seminars will be chaired by the Chair of the Foundation Course Hannah Solemani. The year will begin with an introduction seminar on psycho-analysis and the course. Participants will have a chance to meet each other and ask questions. All the teachers are Members of the British Psychoanalytical Society, and many are Training Analysts.

Autumn Term

Emotional development and its conflicts
These seminars offer the opportunity to explore psychoanalytic views on emotional development from infancy to adulthood. Senior psychoanalysts, experienced in the field of childhood and adolescence will be teaching these seminars.

Spring Term

Clinical Freud
This term will take the participant through the history of Sigmund Freud's major discoveries with a focus on the clinical implications of psychoanalysis.

Summer Term

Understanding psychopathology
This term will focus on the psychoanalytic literature on psychopathology such as paranoia, character disorders, narcissism, psychosis, depression, psychosomatics, perversion, borderline states and obsessional neurosis.

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Clinical Seminars

The clinical seminars will be held in small groups in the second half of the evening. These groups will be divided according to the level of clinical experience.

These seminars will provide an opportunity for the participant's work with patients or their experiences in their work setting to be thought about in some detail. Experienced psychoanalysts will be leading the groups.

For General Enquiries and an application form please contact the Foundation Course administrator on 020 7563 5011. If you wish to apply for the foundation course please complete Application form page 1 and the Equal opportunities form below and email them to You will also need to pay the £50 application fee prior to emailing your application and this can be paid at:


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The Post Foundation Course is suitable for people who have already attended the Foundation Course and wish to continue with more clinical seminars but is also open to psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and possibly other professionals who have not previously attended the Foundation Course but have possibly attended other courses at other institutions. The Post Foundation Course offers clinical seminars with reading. The seminars are led by senior analysts of the Institute. Seminars take place every Tuesday evening from 8.15 to 10.15. Each term covers different topics and seminars will be led by a different seminar leader each term. These seminars will provide an opportunity for the participant’s work with patients or their experiences in their work setting to be thought about in some detail.

Some of the topics covered in the past have included: Assessment, Acting out, Narcissism,Depression, Projective Identification, Defences, Bion, Endings and a lot more.

The Chair of the Post Foundation Course is Ms Hannah Solemani and applicants will be invited to attend an interview with her before being accepted onto the Course.

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